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OCP Interlocking tiles are purpose-made concrete blocks and are laid to form the surface of roads and other areas used by low speed traffic; pedestrians parking lots; parks; footpaths etc. This type of paving is widely used because it is attractive, durable and can be laid in both simple and complex areas with very little construction equipment.


Strength and Durability

OCP’s interlocking tiles are made of immensely strong quality concrete with an average strength of 45 N/mm2. As a result, they can withstand tremendous loads of light and heavy vehicles unlike the conventional paving slabs or asphalt. Interlocking tiles are highly resistant to oil, salt and other destructive ground conditions and absorbs less than 5% of surface water.

Ease of application

OCP interlocking tiles can be easily fixed in large or small projects without any expensive laying equipment. They can be installed with the help of semi-skilled labour.



OCP interlocking tiles are highly economical. Installation is inexpensive and requires very little maintenance. The high quality of concrete used and its resistance to oil, water and other destructive agents ensures long life.

Ease of repair

The tiles can be dismantled for underground installations and repairs and can be later reinstalled. Tiles are available in various shapes and colours therefore can be used for demarcation of areas thus saving painting time and cost.


OCP interlocking tiles are available in various attractive designs and colours and can be used imaginatively to enhance the beauty of the area where these tiles are installed.

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